The purpose of CARE is to foster improvements in the Cochranton area.

The corporate purpose of CARE is to foster a broad range of improvements in the Cochranton area through revitalization initiatives in the areas of:

  • community planning

  • beautification

  • support for enhanced medical services

  • development of senior housing facilities

  • historical preservation

  • advancement of the arts

CARE will pursue these objectives, in full accordance with the guidelines set forth by IRS 501c(3), by providing planning, organizational, managerial and financial resources in support of targeted redevelopment initiatives.


What We've Achieved

  • Raised $56,000 for a new playground in the community park

  • Secured the services of a credit union, 2 physicians and a pharmacy in town

  • Sponsored the French Creek Heritage Event for 3 years running

  • Added new welcome signs announcing the community as family friendly

  • Arranged for the planting of trees along the main street

  • Fostered development of the French Creek access point for kayaks and canoes

  • Partnered with Hudson Co. to build affordable senior housing in town

  • Recognized businesses, new and old, in the area

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